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Fragrance.....What's in a scent?

What makes you choose a candle? For me it is and has always has been the scent. However for others it may be the packaging, how it looks, if it fits in with your decor. When I started out on this journey, I wanted to make candles that filled people's homes with amazing fragrance. I also didn't want candles that smelt like anybody else's. I discovered very quickly that you can buy fragrance copies of pretty much anything. Look at Aldi and their Jo malone copy of Lime, Basil and Mandarin. It would of been very easy to buy pre-made scent and make candles, I could of launched my brand a year ago, had I done that! Instead I spent a year painstakingly mixing scents and trying to find something that I loved. There were many failures along the way, my husband's favourite was one he amusingly called "cats pee in the forest!"

I spent time with a perfumer in London, learning about different notes and blending. How top notes are the first thing you notice in a scent, they are the ones that shape your first impression, they are often fruity and fade quickly. Heart notes start to bloom next, they are the dominant scent and are full bodied and long lasting. They form the core of the fragrance. Base notes are what remain after the heart notes have faded. They are usually the scent you remember and the ones that help create a memory. I have a quote on my website by the famous sussex perfumer Roja Dove, " A fragrance is like a cat burglar in your brain, it has the key to pick the lock and unleash your memories" I love this quote as fragrance to me will always remind me of something or somebody.

When I was creating the six fragrances I currently have, I always had an idea in my head of a part of living in East Sussex, whether it was walking along the beach, in the woods or along the cliffs looking out to France, fruit picking in the summer, or learning about the history of piracy down here!

When you buy a Greatwood Candle, you are buying a unique fragrance, not a copy. Everyone's sense of smell and memory is different, so not everybody will like the same scent, you need to find the one that you love. Hopefully they will transport you to the wonderful East Sussex coast and help you make memories of your own!

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Louise xx

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